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Chinese: Tips and Notes

Hello!!! 你好!!! So when learning languages in the past I found it very helpful to do the lessons side by side with the Tips and Notes that Duolingo has. So when I found Interest in Mandarin, I put all of the Tips and Notes in a document before I started so I can read them while I'm doing the lessons, here is a link for the Google Doc if anyone wants it.

Keep in mind some of the Duolingo lessons don't have Tips and Notes so they wont show up in the Google Doc. Also all lessons under a certain topic (Greetings 1, Greetings 2, Locations 1, Locations 2, etc.) will be listed under the lesson title as in Greetings 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be under the title Greetings. Enjoy!!!


May 4, 2018



Thank you very much for this.


Thank you @Jared_WB


thank u so much ,a lingot as a gift of thanks


Thank you! Well worth a lingot.

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