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How to best use Duolingo?

Hello everyone :) I hope you are all doing fine. I have a serious question here that I couldn't really find an answer for, I have been learning German here on Duolingo for 19 straight days, and I'm not doing it just for fun, I would like to learn German for professional purposes, so I'm very determined and very serious about this language, and I honestly like it. I would like to know if there is a good way on Duolingo where I could best learn the language. I spend most of my time redoing and practicing previous lessons to make sure I don't forget them, and I only do one new lesson each day, is that a good approach? is there a better way to use Duolingo? Share your thoughts please, thank you :))

May 4, 2018



Hi, first off, I am glad you are finding Duolingo helpful. If you know some words/concepts you are having difficulty with, make flashcards for yourself. Go through them every day and as you become more familiar with them, go through them once a week. Also, learn on Duolingo a little. It’s better to do little segments and learn a lot than one huge segment and not learn anything. I hope this helps you! :)

I wish you success in all your language studies!


I am also learning German and my approach is to start at the top and move progressively downward one level at a time. I've completed level one through the entire course, and about 2/3 of level 2. I complete 100 units per day. It's very valuable to examine the discussion associated with any question that does not make 100% sense. Additionally, I do Duolingo German stories regularly and Duoling flashcards daily. I also keep available references for declinations, verb conjugation, dictionary translation and google translate. In an online course like this you have to act as your own teacher, so you must pursue an answer aggressively to every question that arises. Resources I use:





Imao i think the exercises of Duolingo is a wonderful way to understand the basics of German but in no way it'll teach you how to speak the language in a conversational level. I use other methods along with this as videos, songs and books with simplified language. But the most important method i use is the app My Dictionary. I read a random sentence in German, check its translation and then i expand this sentence by changing its subject and tense. This helps me a lot and it's the best way for me so far to learn a foreign language.

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    If you are serious, get a serious course (book+audio) and use Duolingo just as a complement to it. There are lots of options, you will surely find something you'll like. Some options to consider: Assimil, Teach Yourself, Themen Aktuell (the monolingual coursebook has a bilingual workbook), and so on.

    The German course is probably the best of Duolingo. But it still cannot suffice even for really getting the basics.

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