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Lesson Issue: Colors...where we learn about declining adjectives!

Hi, I am going over Colors under the new Crown system, and I noticed that the notes are different (I think).

Duo's notes on how to decline adjectives are different from my own.

Which isn't hard to do since it appears there are dozens, if not more, decline charts out there.

My issue is this:

In Duo's Dative section it states: "Dative: all adjectives get an -en ending".

However, this is only true is an article (Definite or Indefinite) is present.

It appears Duo does not advise what to do if no article is present.


I could be wrong, please help me confirm or deny as I want to get this right, and be able to see declination from an additional perspective (ie using my notes and being able to use Duo's).


May 4, 2018



You are right that it is missing the talk about inflection, and that strong inflection isn't shown in the new notes. The notes also miss the details about when various inflections are used for adjectives that follow words other than "a/an" or "the". Luckly I saved the old notes as a PDF file, as that's the file that I look at the most often while learning German.

Here's a link for a website that has some of the information: https://deutsch.lingolia.com/en/grammar/adjectives/declension


not sure if you were asking for details of dative adjectives, or just highlighting the fact that the notes have changed... so i'll just post my dative notes if that helps anyone. :)

mit einem Hund

mit einem roten Hund

mit dem roten Hund

mit den roten Hunden

mit roten Hunden

mit rotem Rat



mit einer Frau

mit einer roten Frau

mit der roten Frau

mit den roten Frauen

mit roter Sicherheit

Mit roten Frauen



mit dem roten Mädchen

mit einem roten Mädchen

mit einem Haus

mit den roten Mädchen

mit roten Mädchen

mit rotem Material

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