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Capitalized days.

Every 'day' I have seen in the lessons for Spanish have the days of the weeks not capitalized. It still shows 'Friday' (English) with a capital 'F' but 'viernes' (Spanish) has no capital 'v'.

However, obviously, in Spanish you still capitalize names; so does that mean that Spanish simply has definition of 'proper nouns'? Or does Spanish not follow the 'capitalize proper nouns rule'? Or is this simply a computer error?


May 4, 2018



Spanish's capitalization rules are different that English's. You may have noticed that the months of the year are also not capitalized. I do not know the exact rules, but I know they are different. Hope this helps with your question!


Days in the Spanish language are not capitalized!


Spanish follows the "capitalize proper nouns rule". It is only that days and months are no longer considered proper nouns. So, "Hoy es viernes 4 de mayo de 2018".


Honestly, there's not a lot of languages which capitalizes the names of the days. It's a weird thing English does.

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