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  5. "Tvá prasata jsou malá."

"Tvá prasata jsou malá."

Translation:Your pigs are small.

May 4, 2018



What are the differences between "tva", "tve", "tvuj" and tvoje? I can't find it in the Tips and Notes. Please add it if possible.


In nominative:

  • tvůj: Masculine singular.
  • tvá: Feminine singular and neuter plural.
  • tvé: Neuter singular, and masculine inanimate and feminine plural.
  • tvoje: The same than tvá and tvé, but less formal.

In accusative:

  • tvůj: Masculine inanimate singular.
  • tvá: Neuter plural.
  • tvé: Masculine and feminine plural.
  • tvoje: The same than tvé and tvá, but less formal.

In genitive, dative and locative:

  • tvé: Feminine singular (In this case the less formal variant is not tvoje, but tvojí).


Should it not be "tvoje prasata"? "Prasata" is case Nominativ Plural, alltså Tvoje eller tvê


Both tvá and tvoje are equally possible http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=tv%C3%A9

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