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helpful video on Irish pronunciation

I found a YouTube video that was really helpful for me as an Irish beginner.


It's a lot of information in 15 minutes but at least I got an overview of what's going on in Irish spelling and pronunciation. Thought some of my fellow Irish Duolingo people might like to watch it too.

I'd be interested to hear from any more advanced Irish speakers what they think of the video too!

May 4, 2018



Thanks a lot! It has cast lots of light on this tough area of the language! After watching it many things started to piece together.

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Not to detract from this post, it should be pointed out that this particular video is frequently suggested as a resource in these discussions. (See the "Related Discussions" links below or on the right for some examples).

It even gets its own link in the "TV, Radio, YouTube and Podcasts" subsection of the perpetually under construction Irish Portal

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