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Am I outgrowing Duo? Some suggestions for keeping my interest.

This may be a good thing but Duolingo Spanish is getting too easy for me. I have been working with it for 5 months. I do get errors at times but they are mostly careless errors. Most of the exercises are pretty simple and repetitive. And while I have become proficient at Duolingo, I still do not feel like I am developing fluency in Spanish.
I think that the problem is that every exercise involves reading Spanish and writing Spanish but none of the exercises involve only hearing and translating Spanish (without reading) and then either repeating what you hear or translating what you read and hear. I would like to see these additional types of exercises: 1) Where you only hear the Spanish and need to translate to English (verbally) 2) Where you hear a question in Spanish and need to give a logical answer in Spanish (verbally) 3) Where you hear an answer to a question in Spanish and you need to give the question verbally in Spanish Most people study a language to be able to converse in that language. I think Duolingo can do a better job of emphasizing verbal communication over reading and writing the language. What do others think?

May 4, 2018



Try Duolingo Stories, Duolingo Podcast, and you could also try Conversation Exchange. Other than that, you could always try the reverse tree, Lyrics Training, or youtube.


Google "notes in Spanish"


I have a couple people to talk to in Spanish on a regular basis. Plus, I listen to the radio, read, and watch TV in Spanish. Duolingo is a supplement to all that mostly to improve my grammar. I've spoken some Spanish since I was 3 years old, but my grammar is still not great but hopefully improving slowly.

Talking to a computer is okay, but I think it would be better if you could find a real person with whom you could practice. Of the three things that you mention, answering in Spanish or trying to figure out the question based on the answer seem like they would be more valuable exercises. I'm not sure of the value of hearing Spanish, then translating it into English verbally. It would be better to stay in Spanish mode as much as you can in my opinion.


I like all of Beingraff's suggestions, and add this one: Try the reverse tree. It is MUCH harder than the Spanish-for-speakers-of-English tree, and has helped immensely with my Spanish.

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