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Hi my friends of duolingo , How was your Easter ? Did you eat a lot of chocates ?

My easter was very good but it's a little poor kkkk because we don't have much money , to pay a lot of chocolates kkkkk ,but it is very nice to remember "JESUS" , yes , he gave the life for us , that's very important and don't forget what him saved us. But tell me, how was your Easter ? ^_^

April 23, 2014

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My Easter was cool, I played minecreft game with my son, we ate pizza, I watched movies, worked in a animation that I am producing with work's friends and I thought in Jesus. I ate a bit of chocolate, but not egg of chocolate. I rested too. And, now, I remenbered that my sister bought a egg of chocolate to the teacher of my son and I don't put it in de bag of my son!!! See you!


haaa , you forgotten to put the egg , =D i see, i think you will eat this egg !!! kkkk i think so !!! ^_^


hi paty my easter was cool thank you i and my family we ate much chocolates and we watched much movies too!


That's very nice my friend !!! ^_^ i love to eat chocolates !!! =D kkkk


The most important thing about Easter is Jesus, so you had the best part. I do not eat chocolates because the cafeine destroys our brain. But I had to confess that I cooked many special dishes on Easter. :)


it is amazing my friend !!! you tell the truth because we are everything with the love of GOD. =D i am so happy to you had a good times with your family. ;D


my easter is very good,my family traveled for paraiso do norte for a party with my relatives this city


my Easter was very strange...a lot of confusing things happened to me. But is nice stay in home, resting, take a break, relax from university and work for a couple days... And i don't like chocolates very much so...haha i don't spend a lot of money on this


Hi Mariana, i think you had difficult times in this Easter , but you find the better thing , it is the time to you had with your family, every day we run all day , it's work , it's university, it's relationship ...,however everybody is not have the time to say hello, =D , you made the right thing , to find the time to enjoy your family and to relax . very good =D !!! because Easter is with family and think in GOD. ^_^. and you until saved the money ;D , you are like me i don't eat chocolates and i do not getting fat, kkkkkk see you around my friend =D.

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