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"I am big. The ship is little."

Translation:jItIn. mach Duj.

May 5, 2018



So, I cant fit in the ship? Well Ill just move over to a bigger ship


Elsewhere in this section the meaning "he is big" for "tIn" was not accepted, only "it is big". The explanation given by mizinamo in the comments was that a human would rather be described as "woch" - "tall". If I come across it again, should I report it?


Humans can be big and humans can be tall. Sometimes people use the word "big" to refer to tall humans, but sometimes a human is big without necessarily being tall. I wonder if there were additional considerations in the other sentence you mention. Maybe it would be good if you could find it again and comment in the sentence discussion so we can point out what is different about it.

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