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This course is inadvertently improving my Hindi.

I am an Indian, and Marathi is my first language. Whenever I use Hindi in day-to-day life, I mix it heavily with English, like everybody else here.

This course is an excellent way to brush up on the Hindi vocabulary I forgot quickly after school.

Cool stuff, Hindi team. धन्यवाद.

April 23, 2014

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Hearing comments such as this is awesome! As you aptly said this is indeed an inadvertent benefit and we are glad to hear that!

Edit: Also, I do have some perspective on this. Although my mother tongue is indeed Marathi, I had the benefit of growing up in MP, which is a Hindi speaking state. I do understand the challenges in learning Hindi while growing up in any of the non-Hindi speaking states in India.


This course is really helping me brush up my Hindi too. Living in a city mixed with people talking Kannada, Hindi and Marathi and having more emphasis given on Kannada than Hindi in school, I can surely improve my Hindi through this course. And besides English is my first language, so I can't learn much English either, but I still can brush up on my Hindi a lot. Thanks Hindi Team! :)

आणि मला पण थोडे मराठी माहित आहे। मी मराठी समझतो, पण मला बोलाला थोडे कष्ट होतात। माझ्या शहरात मराठी बोलली आहात।(Please correct me, as my Marathi's miserable. :( )


तुझी मराठी चांगली आहे! ... and since this is a Hindi forum, here goes the Hindi translation "तुम्हारी मराठी अच्छी है!"


तुम्हाला पण मराठी माहित आहे? खूप छान!

Edit : I just read in your comment that your mother tongue is Marathi. So you know Hindi, Marathi and some Kannada (as you had said that you lived in Bangalore for a while). Awesome! I wish I had learnt Marathi when I was small itself. But now I'm determined that I'm going to learn fluent Marathi, and Kannada too. :) 'Cause it's so awesome to know more languages. I mean, if I can learn French and other foreign languages which are not even spoken here, how much more easier will it be to learn languages that are spoken in your city!


I wish we had English to Marathi section as well on Duolingo... With an experience of being a contributor, Jitengore knows well of the hurdles in the way of development and may lead us. :)


Yup, I totally agree with you. And I'm sure there are many Marathi speakers who want to learn English, actually some of my neigbours themselves could benefit through an English for Marathi course. :)


Thanks for the kind words, AshKnth!

I do hope that in the near future, several languages from India will feature bi-directional courses with several other languages. However, at this point I do not want to express any personal commitment beyond our current English for Hindi course :)


Hey Apoorvaj! I am also using the course to help improve my Hindi. It is a really great course. :)


I just found Learn English from Hindi here, not Learn Hindi from English? But I am studying hindi so I would love to find that too.


Duolingo is likely to start the "Hindi from English" course after this one is out of beta phase.


दोस्तों में भी कुछ कहना चाहूँगा। I am a marwadi guy (rajasthani) who knows Hindi which is similar to large extent my mother tongue marwadi but i live in state of Andhra Pradesh in india, Telugu speaking state and educated in english medium school in tirupati and tirupati is close to State of tamilnadu ,Therefore I can understand tamil as well.so i can prodly say i can speak marwadi,hindi,english,telugu and tamil a bit. and by completing a tree in duolingo and gaining more than 10000 xps in espanol now i can understand and speak little espanol as well.From early age i love learning languages and so i continue.

भारत में रहने वाले ज्यादा तर bilingual या multilingual होते हैं ।

मुझे ख़ुशी होगी अगर बंगाली , पंजाबी, मराठी, कन्नड़ ,तेलुगु और भारत की अन्य भाषाए Duolingo पर उपलब्ध होती हैं ।


i am also re-learning my forgotten hindi here on duolingo

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