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  5. "J'ai un livre."

"J'ai un livre."

Translation:I have a book.

March 24, 2013



For this question, I said, 'J'ai.' It said I had completed 'J'. I said 'ai.' It said I had completed 'J'ai.' I said, 'Un.' It didn't say I had completed it but marked it as correct...


i don't understand why it can't hear me or marked me wrong? I have said it many times before and it was always correct?


It said in the lesson tap what you here. I did writing the french i heard then it csme up you should have put I have a book. This is confusing


And I'm not afraid to use it.


The slow reader doesn't say the un


I also had trouble with it understanding the first part. Second try didn't mark green "un" but i definitely said it!

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While this contraction of "have" is common in some regions, it is to be avoided on Duolingo as it causes considerable confusion. You may contract "have" when it is used as an *auxiliary verb" but not when it is used in the sense of "possess". This also pertains to "has". If you contract "He has a book" to "He's a book", perhaps you can see the confusion. "He's" is taken to mean "he is", not "he has".

[deactivated user]

    I dont undrstand


    Well you're not wrong

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