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No Credit for Completions

Not getting credit when I complete a lesson - bar doesn't fill sometimes. Happening more and more, lately, to both me and my wife.

April 23, 2014



Sometimes there are 'hidden' sentences (sometimes a space that is marked as a sentence, or a period, or sometimes nothing at all).
My solution to this is to go to the top of the article, click the first sentence and use the down arrow on the keyboard to scroll though all the sentences. You should be able to find your missing sentence this way.


I'm not talking about translations, which is what you seem to be referring to, wazzie. It is lessons, in Spanish. When I complete a lesson, the next segment on the outside of the lesson's circle ("V. Fut Phr") shows someone running, for example. Could it be that you have to complete more than one lesson just to make one segment fill? I thought the bards degraded after completing all the lessons of a particular kind one bar for one lesson. Maybe I'm wrong about that since there can be as many as ten lessons associated with a single badge. Is that the problem?


I'm having the same problem, marksho. I'm wondering if it isn't built into the program on purpose, ex: you don't get credit if you finish the lesson by the skin of your teeth.


I just bought a Samsung note 4 and I am having this same issue. When I complete the lesson I do not get credit for it. I never had this problem with my HTC one. I just wonder if it is a compatibility with the phone.


Italian, Next lessons are locked

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