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compositas in German (combined nouns)

Here everyone who likes could bring in nouns that are combined to one word in finish. They are good to train the pronunciation. They often become emphasized from high to low tones from the start to the end.

Here are some examples:

Kerzenständer (Kerzen + Ständer) = (candle+stand) Schiffahrtsschraube (Schifffahrt + Schraube) = (shipping+screw) Türklingel (Tür + Klingel) = (door+bell) Wortmangel (Wort + Mangel) = (word = lack) Autofahrer (Auto + Fahrer) = (car + driver)

Maybe you have some favourites to share here?

May 5, 2018



I hate: Tausendfüßer/Tausendfüßler.

I always want it to mean millipede, but it's centipede


But Tausendfüßler means both, doesn't it?


hmm, you're right, I stand corrected. though, you'd expect Tausend and milli to go together. Similarly, you'd expect Hundert and centi to go together.

EDIT: thanks, HirundoPrima ... I've just spent 10 mins reading this up. I've now added Hundertfüßler to my Wortschatz :)

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Wer zählt sowieso die Füße? ;-)


good point!


maybe those who work in biological spectrum


(die) Zusammenfassung: summary

(der) Kugelschreiber: ballpoint pen

(der) Führerschein: driving license


Good ones. But the "Schifffahrtsschraube" does not exist, it is simply "Schiffsschraube".

My personal favorite is "Wortschatz"


I think you are right. I was too tired when I wrote this


One of my favourites is Wortschatz (Wort + Schatz) = word + treasure = vocabulary. It is such a nice way to express, that the words you know are your treasure.

But Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung (= speed limit) and Fußballmannschaft (= football team) are also cool, and they are in everyday use, unlike many of those really long German words.

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