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How do I start learning .... also how many lessons in Spanish Basics 1

[deactivated user]

    Hi, Im new to Duolingo but am a little confused about how to get going.

    Im learning from my computer and there is a tree of "Skills", the first one being "Basics1", how many times to do have to do "Basics1" before I move on to the "Phrases"?

    I am currently on Basics1 level 4 and there are 15 to complete before im on Basics1 level 5, but the questions seem to be exactly the same on every level of Basics1, when does it max out and when am I suppose to move onto the next skill e.g Phrases, Animals, Possessions ? Or should I just get every skill to level 1, then every skill to level 2 ?


    May 5, 2018



    Once the next skills unlock you can move on whenever you like. In fact it’s probably smarter to work on multiple skills at the same time since you need 36 total lessons to get from level 0 to 5 (the maximum level) for Basics 1. And some skills are going to need as many as 80.

    That’s why I’m not aiming for level 5 in every skill just yet. Since most of my tree is at crown level 2 now, I’m focused on getting everything to level 4. Much more doable than level 5 right now.


    if you have all the top lessons on level one then it should open the next lesson for you

    [deactivated user]

      Do you know how many lessons there are to Basics1 ? I have done level 1 of basics 1 there was about 5 tests, then level 2 was 7 I think, then level 3 had 10 tests and now level 4 has 15 tests... and this is just for Basics1, how many levels for Basics1 in Spanish ?

      [deactivated user]

        You only have to do the first 5. Come back and do more when you start to forget what you learnt.


        I recommend starting a skill, getting it to level 2 and then continuing. Later on, if you want to review that skill more you can continue to level it up but it is very unnecessary to get it to level 5 as soon as you can because you aren't learning anything.

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