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  5. "¿Ustedes están cansados hoy?"

"¿Ustedes están cansados hoy?"

Translation:Are you tired today?

May 5, 2018



Why didnt they accept "ustedes están cansadas hoy"


Yes, I'm wondering this too. Can't all the people being referred to all be female?


Because they are refering to both girls and boys or boys in general when they end with the o cansados if they use cansadas they will be refering to a group of girls and since ustedes was in there it means that there are refering to both girls and boys ustedes means you all


But I believe Ustedes could be referring to a group of all women as well. I think consadas should be accepted.


This discussion seems to refer to translating from Spanish to English or writing what you hear. In the first case, it would not be a translation, in the second, there is only one correct solution (which uses the male form).

Apparently, there are cases where the same discussion is linked to both translation directions. If this is the case here, your translation should be accepted.


It should accept cansadas also.


Why was "Are they tired today" counted wrong? When I saw "están", I knew the sentence context was "plural" so I hovered over the hints and saw "you all" and "they". I do not like to use "y'all" or even "you all" so I entered "they"... I reported that my answer should be an accepted translation...


Ustedes can't mean they as far as I know. If the tooltip said otherwise, you should probably report that. "Are you tired today" would have been fine.


Ustedes is the second-person. It's never "they."


I just used "you guys" which was accepted. We just don't have a single word that is the plural "you" in English.


You don't? Oops, sorry, I just used it.


It's interesting that this didn't sound like a question when played. I wonder what tones are used in Spanish to indicate a question when speaking.


In normal speech, the inflection rises at the end of both Spanish and English sentences.


I have had many sentences in duolingo recently where ustedes was translated as all of you. My answer should be accepted.


I was just wondering if "ustedes" is basically "y'all."


"Y'all" is a regionalism and so should be recognized as a word that some people use. I, myself, prefer to use "all of you" when translating "ustedes," even though the pronoun "you" is both singular and plural, as well as being a subject pronoun and an object pronoun. I use "all of you" in translation because it is less objectionable to native Spanish speakers, who have a hard time remembering that the English pronoun "you" does not need clarification.


Why is it not "usted esta"


Let me tell you, I am tired EVERY day. -_-


I always interchanged the meaning of ahora and hoy. Does anyone have any tricks on how to remember the meaning of these two words?


I see the word "hour" in "ahora," which makes me think of a more precise amount of time. Also, "today" and "hoy" both end in "y."


Surely ustedes and cansados indicate plurals.


Ustedes means you (plural).

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