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english to speak in the world

Hi, my name is Ennio. My dream is very popular. Speak in english in the world.

May 5, 2018

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Wow. One moment please. My english is basic.


haha va bene, il tuo inglese รจ abbastanza buono, sicuramente meglio del mio italiano ;)


Hello Ennio. It is good to read your message, and I wish you good luck with English in the future. I am trying to learn Italian. I work hard but it is very difficult for me. All good wishes from me.


I Helen. It is very important for me speek in English. For job, for holiday. Spero di fare meglio la prossima volta.


Hello Ennio. Do you live and work in Italy? Where do you want to go when you have a holiday? Best wishes.


I Helen. My progress it's very difficult. But try to do. My live it's an little coutry of Piemonte north-west Italy. In my hause have family and work. And you?


Hi Ennio. It is good to talk to you again. I have two adult children. My daughter has two small children, a girl and a boy. My son has a beautiful Italian girlfriend. She comes from Brescia. I am learning Italian because I want to be able to talk to her parents when they come here for a week in August. I live on the South coast of England, very near to the sea. My house is in a big garden. I have a cat. His name is Ned.

Your English is good and I understand what you say. I hope you can understand me too.

Best wishes from Helen


You can speak English whenever you feel the need to. Also, not everyone around the world can speak English. You would have to get used to the different accents of the people speaking English in different places of the world.


ahaha my dream is bit complicate, i want speak english in a video, for all video i will made XD


I Null.I not understand your question, it's possible to better you explained?


Ciao Ennio, sei vicino il mio amico Italiano, vive in Chiavari chima da montagna. Ero li scorso anno. Buon fortuna con la tua inglese.


Hello, my name is Isabel, I am from Uruguay. I want speak english with everybody, but my english is very basic.

Impara Inglese in soli 5 minuti al giorno. Gratis.