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  5. "Can't you hear the sound?"

"Can't you hear the sound?"

Translation:¿No puedes escuchar el sonido?

May 5, 2018



¿Por qué no se puede escribir, "¿No puedes oír el sonido?"?


One of the contributors appears to have done this on a number of sentences- put in only one possibility, leaving out multiple perfectly good options and then no effort to add them no matter how often reported. I try to gauge that when being told that an answer I am absolutely sure is good Spanish is wrong, so I do not unlearn correct forms. But I would imagine quite confusing to those who are less sure.


No puedes oir el sonido was accepted 1-16-19.

Having tried various verb alternatives and conjugations, I suspect the tu form of puedes is required instead of puede because of an informal use of the English contraction "can't" rather than the more formal "cannot." Picky point here, perhaps, but this seems to be one of those Duolingo quirks in the designed algorithm application.


"Hear" is ordinarily translated "oir", is it not? And "escuchar" translates to "listen", right? The sentence says , "Can't you hear...", not "Can't you listen..." Is this an idiom or what?


Spanish Dictionary says "escuchar" for "to hear" is Latin American usage.


no puedes oir el sonido

Can someone please explain why am I wrong here?


Escuchar = Listen Oir = Hear



That is exactly what I wrote. If hear=oir then why am i wrong and why does the correct answer use 'escuchar'. Even if it uses escuchar, why is oir wrong?


I too reported it 28 June 2018.


Dear Duolingo, I hope that you are LISTENING! Native Spanish speakers tell me that "¿No puedes oír el sonido?" is the more correct translation. Therefore, would you at least accept it as an option?

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