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  5. The conjunction '''zumal''


The conjunction '''zumal''

I've built some sentences with the german conjunction ''zumal'' and I would like to know which ones are wrong. An explanation would also be appreciated.

  1. Wir gehen nicht in die Stadt, zumal es zu spät ist.
  2. Wegen des schlechten Wetters, zumal wir den Regenschirm vergessen haben, gehen wir in die Stadt.
  3. Wegen des schlechten Wetters gehen wir nicht spazieren, zumal wir den Regenschirm vergessen haben.
  4. Er war wegen seiner lockeren Art beim Chef nicht besonders beliebt, zumal er häufig zu spät kam.
May 5, 2018


  1. is completely fine.
  2. doesn't make sense, except if you want to emphasize that you go downtown because you want to get wet (which sounds weird to me).
  3. is fine again.
  4. is also fine.


Bei der 2. Satz habe ich mich verschrieben: Wegen des schlechten Wetters, zumal wir den Regenschirm vergessen haben, gehen wir NICHT in die Stadt. Und danke fur die Hilfe.


Bei der Grammatik ist alles bestens, beim zweiten Satz ist die Logik eigenartig: gehen wir in die Stadt oder gehen wir nicht in die Stadt?


Hmm... vielleicht sind sie Regenliebhaber.

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Ich erinnere mich an viel Regen während ich in Deutschland war.


als ich in Berlin wohnte, gab es Gewitter fast jeden Tag..


In die Stadt, statt ins Freie, in die Berge, in den Wald ;-)


I never heard zumal before.

Does it mean the same thing as weil? (because)

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As an adverb zumal could mean especially; as a conjunction it could mean because/particularly/the more so as.


"particularly in view of the fact that {conj}" = "zumal"

(from https://www.dict.cc/?s=zumal)

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That's great!


'Zumal' is falling out of usage these days and is becoming more and more archaic. I would expect my father, a former and now retired highschool teacher to use it for making speeches but not my son's friends to use it in everyday speech. Now, as for your question: sentences 1, 2 and 4 are fine. Sentence 3 contains a logic error as others have pointed out already. It also feels a bit clunky and awkward to stick the 'zumal' in the middle like that. It would be better moved to the end.


I completely disagree with your view that "zumal" is somehow becoming archaic. It's a perfectly normal word to use, even for younger people. It doesn't fall out of usage at all. However it is used more or less exclusively by the educated class. That of course goes for the entire German erudite language as well, since the overall literacy in modern-day Germany is quickly deteriorating.

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Thank you, I was wondering if this may be the case. I use words/language in English that other people may not use in today's everyday colloquial speech.

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Good to know, we don't want to appear as stuffy or old-fashioned. Or, at least I want to know when I am being that way.

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