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Algunos o unos; algunos o unas. Necesito tu consejo .

Is there a difference between the use of algunos , algunas or unos, unas.

When I am doing spanish film in the blank exercises, and the blank word is "some", I can't be the answer correct consistently.

It seems when I put in algunas, the answer is unas, or of I put in unos, the answer is algunos. I always get the gender right but seem to choose the wrong word.

So, do tell, what is the difference or is there, in the context of unos/algunos, etc...

Poe favor .... dime!

May 5, 2018



"Some" is usually "algunos" and its variants. "Algunos" means a part from a group: "Algunos perros son negros" (Some dogs are black), "Un"/"unos"/etc is a determinnant for non-specified things: "Tengo un perro" (I have a dog), "Vinieron unos hombres" (It came a group of men).


Good explanation, but here's a correction, "Vinieron unos hombres" translates to "A group of men came", the subject goes first in English.


Thanks. I thought you could emphasize the verb, like in "It's me".

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