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I Completed My Spanish Tree~

After several months of practice and perseverance, I completed my Spanish tree! It was tough and I even had a day where I lost my streak and had to repair it, but I pulled through and will keep it up to the best of my ability.

Now, I'm planning on furthering my Spanish studies by continuing Spanish classes on Memrise, reading books, watching telenovelas, and later on, and minoring in Spanish when I transfer to a 4-year university. I still have a lot to learn and struggle with perfect/imperfect/preterite/future forms, but Duolingo kickstarted me significantly (and it also helped I took Spanish all 4 years of high school). So, I am grateful for this platform being available to the world.

My personal life has been a rollercoaster and I feel like I have been failing at adulthood and life in general, but Duolingo helped me gain purpose and motivated me to further my Spanish skills--oddly, I didn't care to become fluent in Spanish in the past and any other language due to barriers. But ever since I joined, my life has changed and my mental health has improved.

So I thank the creators of Duolingo immensely and the community. I have long ways to go in my journey to Spanish fluency!

Anyways, I'm going to review my Spanish tree (and maybe do the reverse tree?) and also try to learn Italian. Again, thanks Duolingo. <3

May 5, 2018



The one thing I wish I had done when I finished my tree was start speaking. I put off conversation until I would be "ready". That day still isn't here, but I find speaking isn't a bad as I thought.

Lingbe and Tandem are two apps that connect you with native speakers. They are each a little different.


That's right, interacting with native speakers is key to reach a higher level since speaking is always challenging. I could speak in English, my second language, after one year and three months of daily practice on Duolingo and after reaching the level 25. After almost four years in a row practicing here, speaking in English is still hard but understandable for native speakers (i have some friends). If you want to practice your spoken Spanish, just let me know, here it is my email: guspsx@gmail.com :)


English is easy to learn to a reasonably proficient level to speak, but gets progressively harder to increase proficiency due to the huge vocabulary, homonyms and idiomatic expressions it has.

Spanish is the other way around, much harder to learn initially due to genders and the sheer number of verb conjugations and tenses, but gets easier once the basics have been learnt. But on top of that you have to add in the speed with which Spanish speakers speak with all the various intonations and it makes it difficult for non spanish Speakers to understand.

So on balance I think English is the easier to learn, but it's notable how many people hit a brick wall with the language when it starts to become that much more difficult to increase fluency.


I see! I sometimes speak Spanish without thinking or I try to force myself to translate what I'm trying to say in English to Spanish. It can be challenging, since I mostly make small grammatical errors, essentially speaking in broken backwards Spanish. Thank you for the suggestions!


Nice job! With the new crown update, there is an impediment to the reverse tree (but by all means its going to be more translation into Spanish at first that will be different). Another thing you could try is doing Italian from Spanish, so you get practice typing in Spanish more instead of mostly just recognizing things as you get recognitionally better with Italian. An idea, and good job!


Thank you so much and thanks for the suggestion!


Happy to leave both those things; I thought it might have been something you didn't think of. The reverse course and italian course from english will have different benefits for you, but I thought I would include that idea so you know there is more than just the reverse course! Laddering is pretty good on here (that is what its called if you would do Italian from Spanish.


I will absolutely try it. It's a great idea.


¡Felicitaciones! I enjoy learning both Spanish and Italian, and hopefully you will as well. It’s much easier to learn Italian once you get down basic Spanish. Best of luck!


Gracias :) I see you're very rounded in your language learning journey. I also wish you prosperous enrichment on your polyglot adventure!

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Congrats, you have made a great accomplishment. And it sounds like your life has improved in parallel to using Duolingo. That is priceless, yes?


Absolutely priceless :) Sometimes, I find myself thinking things in Spanish and have unintentionally said something aloud in Spanish, ha. And thank you!


Congratulations on your perseverance! And hats off to the creators of Duolingo!


Thank you and agreed! <3


felicitaciones, hermanito. ten un lingot.

¡ahora conquistarás el mundo!


Gracias! Eso espero! Iguamente :D Buena suerte con tu aprendiendo!


Bravo! Keep going. Much of the material near the end of the course will still be very new to you, and it would be very helpfu to keep reviewing it until you really know it. I like your idea of of taking the reverse tree, and when you feel ready, the Italian course. Both are excellent. Felicidades y buena suerte!


Congratulations :) I finished my Spanish tree a while ago but I'm still coming back to review it, it's still helpful for me.

If you want to watch something in Spanish I would recommend Extr@ in Spanish. It's a short TV show for Spanish learners and good for beginners/intermediate learners :)


congrats! have some lingots!


Felicitaciones!!! Es muy bueno aprender un nuevo idioma, y Duolingo es muy buena herramienta para hacerlo... Yo puedo ayudarte si quieres con tu Español


I finished Duolingo, finished memrise. I have spanish family who I live with, Spanish friends.. I watch movies and shows in Spanish, I read books in Spanish. I'm now in mexico and i haven't spoke English for a week but I can still barely understand and barely get my point across.. I've been speaking and studying Spanish about 4-5 hours a day (my girlfriend only speaks spanish) and I'm still at a very very basic level when I talk.


You didn't get very far with duolingo did you? Level 13? 5,651xp, 71/307 crowns and few above level 1 or 2.

No wonder you struggle with the language. You haven't learnt it!


Dualingo erases everything over time.. I finished the tree almost five months ago. I've been on italki speaking with natives over WhatsApp. My girlfriend tells me my Spanish is good but for some reason I still think it's bad because I still struggle to get my point across. My friend in Venezuela tells me I speak advanced Spanish but it just doesn't feel like it lol I think maybe because I feel like I'm "trying" to speak and it's not just rolling off my tounge


Well done Kay!

I think you need to view duolingo as just another tool in the toolbox for learning a language, it will only take you do far. You then have to push on and find other means and methods of increasing your language proficiency.

In my opinion there's nothing better than simply being in an environment with native speakers—it will increase your proficiency no end.


I find dualingo to be great for me in mexico.. it's alot easier to remember the lessons when you can use them right after. I struggle with past tense and trying to tell stories haha


Well done!!. You can be proud of your achievement. Now keep going.


Well done!

One great way to practice is to pick up a children's book in Spanish. I really enjoyed "El Leon, la bruja, y el ropero" (the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe). It's a good way to practice reading comprehension. All the same, congrats again!! Finishing a tree is a big deal :)




Thank you very much! :]


Congratulations!! You have walked for so long studying your target language and now a cycle concludes. However, new challenges are waiting for you, especially with the speaking area! I recommend you to talk to native speakers, it is a very good option to learn better and quicker, I have participated in several exchange experiences with English native speakers who are learning Spanish and these situations have given fruits for all of us. Keep going!!


¡Muchas felicidades! Éxitos en tus estudios.


congrats! you are great!!!


Congratulations on finishing your tree. I'm so glad that you are feeling better because that is what really matters. I think your post is inspirational.


Good for you!! What is the Spanish tree?


It's basically what Duolingo users call each language lessons, because it looks like the lessons form a tree-like shape :)


congrats! personally I'm doing German foremost, and then other languages when I start to get burn-out, unfortunately the most useful language would be Spanish, but it holds less interest to me? Idk just a weird thing that's going on...

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