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"Necesito un libro de la biblioteca."

Translation:I need a book from the library.

May 5, 2018



Consider allowing "I need a library book." As an acceptable translation.

In engilish a "library book" is considered a "book from the library"


I think its accepted now based on another reply. But i just wanted to add that, to me, "I need a library book." and "I need a book from the library." could mean two different things. "I need a library book" sounds like they need any book from any library where as "I need a book from the library." sounds like they need a specific book from a specific library. I see how your answer could be correct, but i dont think it should be accepted as the main answer. Bc your point is that in english, library book and book from the library mean the same thing and I've pointed out how (to me) one sentence implies a bit more than the other. Which makes it less of a fact that they mean the same and more of a subjective opinion. But this isnt English this is spanish and there comes a time when you have to stop filtering the spanish youre learning through your learned English sentence structure. Being resistant to that could inhibit your ability to learn it properly. Learning a language isnt just vocabulary and word for word translations. Its also about learning to form sentences the way the language is intended to and you cant do that if youre too concerned with if the English translation sounds exactly like how a native English speaker would say it.


I think that would be 'libro de biblioteca'.

If the sentence had been '... desde la biblioteca' I think it would have caused less confusion.


I tried that, too.


I agree and I reported it.


You are correct, "I need a library book" does translate as "Necesito un libro de la biblioteca."


I said uhhhhhh on mine


Why no "Yo necesito" instead of just "necesito"


I put "I need a book from the library." That is the correct answer. My question is could the duo version have been "Necesito un libro DEL biblioteca." Im just wondering?


That would be incorrect because it would only be del if you combine "de" and "el." Because it is la biblioteca and not el biblioteca you can not do that. So, its just de la biblioteca.


I need a book from the library, may not mean you need a library book...


In none of the exercises does it show or use... until now to interject " I " in any sentence.. so is this going forward to be expected???


I am having trouble when to use el or la before a noun, is there a hard and fast rule


I or we, the start is not clear.


Need a book from the library should be accepted


That's exactly what i wrote snd it gave me a no


hey, what about the "libro" pronunciation? is it "livro"?


Wow, that was some speed reading


I didnt hear the 'de'

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