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Increase the levels to go past level 25

It seems that there are so many crown levels yet when it comes to language level, there are only 25 levels. Though 25 is my favorite number, the levels should increase to say at least 50 or 100 that way that people can still aim for something higher.

May 5, 2018


[deactivated user]

    The levels are fine the way they are. Hit level 25 on a language or two before suggesting a change. Any further than level 25 and you should already be seeking other resources outside of duo. Duo is something that should be grown out of in each language you pursue.


    I think the problem many has is the total # of levels rather than the amount of total xp. You’d probably have to get 100k xp just level up from 30 to 31 with this same system, 99.9% would never get there.

    A better solution could be, increase the total level # to 50 @ 35k xp total, and with all crowns at level 5 in a tree you’d probably be there and got some extra on most trees. Dutch tree @ lv 5 would require 60,240 xp while Japanese only 22,200 xp for example.

    However, the nice dopamin hit that leveling up (xp) brings you is not that relevant anymore with Crown levels as you can get that more frequently, leveling up the skills in a tree. I’m actually fine if they left the xp level system as it is.

    Lastly, I agree that other resources are important, Duo gets you only so far, the A2 level. After a while it will become ineffective. It’s good while it’s still challenging.


    One of the complaints with crowns I heard often was that people feel compelled to get 5 crowns. This was causing them all sorts of issues with their OCD etc that not aiming for 5 crowns was pointless.

    Now imagine adding 25 more levels, where you need 10,000 or 20,000 just to get to level 50.

    Isnt 25 enough? Why do you feel a need to aim higher? At level 25 have you not done your tree 4-8 times? Shouldn't you be moving on to something else at this point? Or at least just being happy that you are level 25?


    You are so right. This weird obsession with numbers around here is mental.


    Has the DuoStaff ever addressed this? Just curious, seen so many of these threads here yet never saw any response if they had already addressed this or if they had plans regarding levels.


    I'm not sure. Hopefully a moderator or staff can see this and comment


    Anyone else notice that most of the people thinking that the level should be increased dont even have level 25 in any language, some not even over 15.

    Wouldn't your opinion carry more weight if you were level 25?


    I fully expect to hit level 25 long before I've finished my current Spanish tree, as I'm now 1k xp off reaching level 22 and I'm only a third of the way down it.

    And I may add, that's a higher level than you and I've been here longer than you and accumulated more experience than you. That entitles me to comment on this I think.


    how do you define finished? Crown 5 on everything? Cause that is probably a subjective topic.

    I would give your opinion a lot more weight than someone who is level 8.

    But have your actually answered the question? Do you think that they should increase the level above 25? And why? just because you will get to 25 before you get crown 5 in everything doesnt seem like a good enough reason. Especially since there are language trees of varying sizes that would reach 25 at different points through the crown 5 gathering process.


    I define 'finished' as in having learnt the language sufficiently well to feel confident in using it in practical situations. For me that means a lot of practice and it isn't because I'm obsessive about turning crowns gold, it's because I need the practice. I practice all the previous lessons to the ones I'm working on at least once a week to ensure I still know them, this is one of the reasons my xp is so high relative to my tree progress.

    Personally I'm astonished when I see people at level 15 who've completed their tree, how an earth can they possibly remember all that with so little practice? Maybe they're simply gifted with languages, have prior knowledge or are quick learners, or perhaps they simply haven't learnt the language properly?

    Yes, I do think the levels should go beyond level 25, why shouldn't all the practice and xp I've gained doing it be reflected in a higher level? No-one says you have to turn all the crowns to gold at level 5 and no-one says you have to attain the highest level going, but why shouldn't all that additional work put in be reflected in higher levels?

    The problem we currently have is that the current level system was designed for the previous lessons, it was never designed with the additional lessons of the new crown system, which requires a lot more practice and xp gained to complete.


    That's exactly what I was thinking


    Even at level 18 (12,000 XP) you are far short of halfway to level 25 (30,000 XP). The logarithmic trend of the levels makes anything much over level 25 very unlikely.


    I'm currently at 18k xp and a third of the way down my Spanish tree, how many xp will I have if I carry on at the same rate when I finish it? 54k xp by the current reckoning and that's a bit more than level 25 isn't it?

    Why shouldn't the levels be raised to reflect the increased amount of experience I will have accumulated?

    [deactivated user]

      i know. i wish we had higher levels too

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