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Using Firefox? Automatic toggling between EN and JA keyboards!

Firefox only. No more needing to switch between English and Japanese keyboards! My userstyle "Duolingo Auto IME On-Off" automatically switches the IME on or off depending on which question appears. ^^

You need a browser extension like Stylish "Stylus" to run userstyles. Here's the link to get Stylus for Firefox:

Here's where to get my userstyle:

In Firefox, just click the blue "Install Style" button on that page and it should add my userstyle to your Stylus extension. (It only shows up within the extension whenever you are doing practice/lessons/etc. on Duolingo's website.)

Just make sure you keep the keyboard on your taskbar set to your Japanese IME and then enjoy never having to manually toggle between English and Japanese input ever again. ^^

Demonstration of my Auto IME On-Off userscript

May 6, 2018





how do the letters on my English keyboard correspond to katakana and kanji?


Please teach me how you made that instructional gif? If I am able to make those, it will save me 1Million years of typing.


Sorry, I saw your comment when I was at work and forgot about replying by the time I got home.

I use "GifCam" — a nice, simple, free program I downloaded. Below is its official web page. This page shows you how it works and how easy it is to use.


Basically, I use this tool to record a section of my screen and it saves as an animated GIF image. Then I just upload it to imgur and insert it into my post here the same way as any other image.

In order to keep the filesize low so that I can record a decent length clip, I do a few things.

I make my web browser window as small as possible but still large enough to see everything; set the frame rate as low as possible but without it becoming too jolty; set it to 256 colours; and tick the option for keeping the mouse pointer visible.

My animated GIF in this thread post goes on for just over 60 seconds while keeping the file size to only one and a half megabytes (no bigger than some detailed photos are). ^^

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