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  5. "Nosotras compramos un café."

"Nosotras compramos un café."

Translation:We are buying a coffee.

May 6, 2018



is anyone else having a terrible time hearing the difference between Nosotros and Nosotras? I don't think it's clear enough on my device!


She said 'Nosotros', not nosotras. And .... we couldn't tell whether the 'us' were male or female. So frustrating! I didn't listen in turtle mode. Stupid me!


We're all smarter than the average oso because we do not give. You're here and you are doing Great!


Sometimes it's a bit unclear. If you have a listening exercise, I'd recommend listening to both fast and slow versions and then making your best guess. Headphones also really help.


Yes, even on the slower recording


Yes, and it drives me crazy.




Its getting really frustrating trying to tune into the 'a' and 'o' endings, and dropping the 's' you'll never learn if everything is mispronounced.


Yes, either my hearing is bad or my phone audio is shabby...?


Absolutely I am!,


I have the same problem.


I nearly always get it wrong. She's hard to understand.


Im afraid quite often its the language speakers who are not pronouncing the word endings in particular. This is a big issue in portuguese, Italian . Also a shame but the source sound quality is low because it can be fed through a goid sound system and and is not clear. They give us native speakers from the street, so no pure elocution. Pity each course couln't have good elocution speakers for the first third of a course then add the everyday speakers with their mispronunciation which is natural in native speech. Also the slow mo often degrades the sound further and so breaks up. This is a problem across the 8 languages Im learning. It doesnt stop learning but it definitely does slow progress. Wearing ear buds means constantly putting in to listen and pulling out when required to speak yourself ir you cant hear your own voice properly and leads to mispronunciation. But hey its a free app. I dont know but I assume these issues are resolved in the paid version.


we are buying a café


Duolingo accepts this!


I looked up the word for coffee shop in Spanish and it seems like they use "cafeteria" not café.


Un café can be a coffee shop too.


Café is also used for the locale, see definition 5.


The tips drop down snd ssy cafe or coffee shop


We are buying coffee.


It's about a certain portion of coffee.


We buy a coffee. This should be accepted.


It is now accepted!


It should. But Duos grammar is awful, we can't say I buy a coffee, you can't cojnt coffee...


"We purchase coffee" should also be accepted. Reported this on 7/8/2018.


Why nostras and not nosotros..


In this case our group seems to be all-female.


Which explains why they have to share a coffee.


I used coffeeshop and was rejected. Using "un cafe" would imply the place, not the drink, in English.


"Coffee shop" is two words. Do you never say "I'd like a coffee" in English?


Coffee house was accepted 26 Aug 2018


This is not English!


Its definitely a fella speaking, so shouldnt he be saying nosotros instead of nosotras


It occurred to me that could be quoting what someone else was saying. Or he could be reading from a book.


Dan, Duolingo doesn't have the capacity to assign specific speakers to specific sentences. Either speaker can voice every sentence in this course, even if the grammar doesn't make sense when applied to their apparent gender.


Why can't this be "We are buying a cafe" (or similar).


If you have enough money, it can, no problem.


RyagonIV, thanks for the smile your answer gave me!


I agree. Duolingo routinely uses café for restaurant. In this sentence it's odd that multiple people are buying a single coffee but a restaurant, yes. I've reported it as well.


It should either translate, we are buying a cafe', we are buying a coffee shop (meaning the place) or we are buying coffee.


The first two are good, the latter not so much. They buy just one portion of coffee.


Why not nosotros compramos un café


If you're making a translation, nosotros is fine as well. But for a listening task you have to reproduce the spoken sentence exactly.


The fourth time of listening I heard it as nosotras one out of four is not good


As it is a male voice, I assumed it should be nosotros and not nosotras... Silly me... Or maybe the voice is transgender..then it is certainly nosotras...


A coffee or a café?


Here is correct. They are saying are buying. On my other post they said picking up for compramos..... It is confusing


Okay, this translation is not on point. But why is "compramos" translated as present continuous? Can it be present simple? And how to tell the difference?


Both Spanish and English have progressive tenses, but they get used in different circumstances, especially the present progressive.

If it's a one-time action that's happening, English prefers using the present progressive tense, while Spanish usually sticks to the simple tense. In Spanish, the progressive tenses are only used if it's somehow important that the action is happening and/or progressing right at that moment.

  • "¿Vienes?" - "Are you coming?"
  • "Estoy cambiándome." - "I am (in the process of) changing."


agreed... as best as I can tell spanish uses the present progressive when you are in the very act of doing X and want to make that point. English is more liberal in its usage. Invariably in real life (in Colombia) I use the progressive too much but no one has corrected me yet. Here on Duelingo I just remember to use the present.


Estamos comprando café - must be the correct answer????


We are buying a coffee


In the drop down, un offered - some - as a translation choice. We are buying some coffee. Just tried it. It wasn't accepted.


how does WE buy A coffee? this makes absolutely no sense


Each of us can buy a coffee and we can still say that we're buying a coffee.


How do we know when to use nosotros or nosotras


You only use "nosotras" when all the people in the group (we) are women. Otherwise it is "nosotros".


Why use nosotras ( we - feminine )with a man's voice?


Gross, the sentence uses nosotras since it's talking about an all-female group. The voice that reads the sentence isn't related to the content of the sentence.


Is "we are buying a coffee shop" will be accepted? Didnt reply with it but it came to my mind


"We are buying a coffee"...how does more than one person share A coffee?


There must be some kind of bug. I've written WE ARE BUYING A COFFEE, and checked it several times. Exactly right but marked as wrong. Yes, I'm reporting it but so annoying to have no explanation.


I got this wrong because i didnt hear the tras so i wrote tros, in this day and age with sexual equality does it really matter?


Why "un cafe"?? Is only one coffee enough for all?


This can be nosotros or nosotras.As we do not know the gender


Sorry, Duo, but my friends are very rich real estates moguls and WE ARE BUYING A CAFE to serve coffee in! lol
Change and accept both as correct, please.


how do I know when to use nosotros and when to us nosotras?


Why is it Nostras not nosotros


Why is we "feminine " but compramos "masculine"?


Compramos is the verb and verbs don't have gender. Nouns/pronouns have gender and adjectives must agree with the nouns they belong to.


Does this really make a difference? If you are looking at them, you would know if they are male or female and the o or a wouldnt even be heard but you would have full comprehension.


George, it won't make much of a difference in real life, but Duolingo is programmed in a way that listening tasks can't accept alternatives, even if they sound similar.


"Nosotras compramos un café," we are buying a coffee. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that. I noticed there were a lot of comments and decided to see what everybody was complaining about.

People, try to learn some Spanish. I know it is not nice when Duo marks you wrong. Try to FOCUS on learning. You learn from mistakes, not from being right all the time.

Apart from that, I am taken aback by the complaining and sometimes bitterness displayed in the comments. You don't like to be marked wrong, and Duo people don't like to be wrong either. If I were a Duo person, I would totally avoid the comments.

This is a free program and is regarded as one of the best. You can learn a ton here and it costs nothing.

Anyway, I don't understand why I am typing this when I could be doing a Spanish lesson. :(


Ouch! "People, try to learn some Spanish." Let's be gracious, here. I suspect that the overwhelming majority of the people who made comments are trying to do exactly that. Many of them are at level 25 and have streaks of over a year or more. I don't know them so I cannot attest to their motives in posting but a casual reading notes that "café" could refer to either a beverage or an establishment which serves food and is used by Duolingo for both. Additionally, most of the caterwauling which you note (correctly note) in this and other cases doesn't refer to Spanish. It refers to English. It can be frustrating when you're trying to learn Spanish but Duolingo sets you back because you chose the wrong synonym on the English side or because you inserted an article in English when Duolingo doesn't think you need to. Buena suerte!


TPOinNC and EdNed2, You're both right - I think Ed just needed to vent a little. I remember my worst frustration days were when I was at levels 8-12 or so, on the old system. I had to start all over in Crowns, & I griped over that, but found with my poor memory, it's MUCH better for me to be forced to do a zillion repetitions. :)

I really love DuoLingo, & have kept it going through two major surgeries.


What is the difference between compran, and compramos? Previously you said "Nosotras compran un café." was "We are buying a coffee." Now, you use "Nosotras compramos un café." as are buying. Wouldn't "compramos " mean that "we bought", past tense?


"Nosotras compran un café." would be wrong. It is either "Nosotras compramos" or "Ellas compran". Because "compran" means "they buy" and "compramos" means "we buy".

Also the past tense for "compramos" is the same as the present. So "compramos" can mean either "we buy" or "we bought".

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