bug: after reaching level 5 you can't review the material, it goes back to basic & stays there

Hello Duo's team. My "Formal" chapter had reached Golden level 5, but today I wanted to REVIEW the material, since it's been more than a month and I already forgot many things.

Turns out I can't!

when re-doing the chapter (I tried finishing it 3 times in a row, thinking maybe it will change - but I kept getting the same level 1 basic sentences) it remains in the basic level, meaning: I have no access to the more advanced lessons now.

Can you fix that bug in Crowns?

This is again the same problem I am having with Crowns, of not being able to choose which lesson I want to review...

and is there any chance you are bringing an option to choose between the methods?! with or without crowns? there are people, like me, who need to do the SAME lesson over and over again, in order to remember it, and now I can't.

THANK you, Love your app.

May 6, 2018


bug: after reaching level 5 you can't review the material, it goes back to basic & stays there

I noticed this too.
Please, submit a bug report via

May 6, 2018

Interesting. According to it's still there. And in your view it looks how?

May 6, 2018

"Crown level" 5 is still there.
But by using the "skill practice" button in a skill with "crown level" 5, I don't get exercises which belong to "crown level" 5 but very annoying basic excercises which belong to "crown level" 0 (zero!)

I think, the OP has the same experience. That's why I gave the advice to submit a bug report.

May 6, 2018

This might just happen due to the fact that the simpler sentences didn't appear for a while in L4. Do they repeat if you continue practicing in L5?

In the few skill that I have at L5 the sentences were just repeating anyway, regardless of their level (Eng->Ita and Ita->Ger).

PS: Thanks for downvoting me, whoever it might be. I'm just trying to understand the situation....

May 6, 2018
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