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  5. "The river has crocodiles"

"The river has crocodiles"

Translation:Mto una mamba

May 6, 2018



Why not 'mna' instead of 'una'?


Mto is a class three noun (a singular m-mi noun). The subject prefix for that class is u-.

Mna would mean either (1) "you [plural] have" or (2) "there are ... inside". The latter could work except that mto would have to be the locative form mtoni.

Mtoni mna mamba. / Mna mamba mtoni. = There are crocodiles in the river. (Literally kind of like "The inside of the river has crocodiles.") This m- here is the class 18 verbal prefix. Class 18 is a locative class indicating internal location and it would require the locative noun mtoni.

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