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"It is not possible to work with this colleague."

Translation:S touhle kolegyní není možné pracovat.

May 6, 2018



"S tímto kolegou nelze pracovat." should also be accepted.


I will add "nelze".


Colleague can be masculine or feminine, it should accept "s tímhle kolegou" as well.


And, what a surprise, it is accepted.

If some particular sentence was not accepted, you really have to report the complete sentence. Duolingo has the "My answer should be accepted" feature for this very purpose.


" S tímto kolegou se nedá spolupracovat" Is that a possible alternative translation. I realize that the given translation is more precise but: "not possible" can be translated with "se nedá" and "work with" can be "spolupracovat"..?


Yes, your sentence is absolutely fine. The problem here is that we're currently accepting over 2.500 possible versions of this sentence, and that's still not covering all possibilities. :D

But yes, "is not possible" can be "není možné", "je nemožné", "nelze", "nejde" or "nedá se" - the last two are more casual, but dictionaries still list them as standard.

And "spolupracovat" is good and accepted.

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