Reset Track

Hi, this is probably a question that's been asked a thousand times before, but...

I was on holiday without internet access for a week, so I am now 200 XP off track and want to reset my track (no way do I have the time to catch up!). Usually when this happens I get the option to reset my track whenever I go on Duolingo (I mostly use the iPhone app), but now all it tells me is how behind I am. Is there a manual way to reset my track, or should I just keep checking in until it gives me the option to?

April 23, 2014


Have you tried changing your path? I've noticed if I go from one type (Insane) to another (Casual) the track seems to reset itself.

It worked! I just realised there's an option to turn off the coach so I did that then turned it on again. Thank you!!

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