"Yesterday we spent a very fun afternoon."

Translation:Ayer pasamos una tarde muy divertida.

6 months ago



Yesterday we HAD a very fun afternoon would make more sense than SPENT a very fun afternoon in my opinion

3 months ago

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Reported - a better default translation should be ´a very enjoyable afternoon´ rather than ´a very fun afternoon´

6 months ago


For who? In the US, to say 'a very fun afternoon' is the most generic, standard, default way this can be expressed (at least that I can think of), and saying 'enjoyable' is kind of formal for common speech. One thing I've learned from Duo is that you can't say "My way of saying {whatever} is better than yours" in either language. I have noticed that in both languages, Europeans tend to stick to the formal, while former colonies of Europe tend to break away from that and even come up with their own stuff, especially in the case of the US. Duolingo tends to be use more American English and then accomodate other dialects, so it makes sense that it chose 'a very fun afternoon' as the standard for this translation. Be careful what you shoot down.

3 months ago


Bringing up the grammar of "very fun" is very much like bringing up the oxford comma. People tend to have very strong opinions on the subject -- much stronger than one might expect given that grammar is generally considered to be a bit stodgy.

3 months ago


You told me gastamos would work as a translation.

1 month ago

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Yes, I got the same hint. Gastar means to spend but more in the sense of spending money, not time.

1 month ago
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