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  5. "Je v sedmém měsíci."

"Je v sedmém měsíci."

Translation:She is in her seventh month.

May 6, 2018



I feel like this sentence would make more sense with a svém added.


Nope, not in Czech. It would be very unnatural.


Hah, the same for other slavic languages (Вона на сьомому місяці). The other question: shouldn't it be "ON ... month" istead of "IN"?


No, definitely IN.


could that also be translated as It is in the seventh month?


What would be the meaning? In which context would you like to use it?


maybe within a conversation , to answer when is it going to be ... or something like that... I mean je, I would not translate as she and what about he is in his seventh ... at college or so.


I do not really understand what you are saying. Normally, this sentence means she is in the seventh month of her pregnancy.

But, yes, in very specific circumstances (to avoid the necessity of "Je TO v...") it can also be "It is in...".


Thanks. I quite understood that the original meaning was referring to a pregnancy but since it was so vague using je to and not ona je. i just wondered if there was another translation to it.


Note that the sentence here does NOT use "je to", but only "je" (with an implied "ona").

If it said "Je to v sedmém měsíci" instead, it wouldn't refer to "her pregnancy" anymore, but to an event happening in the seventh month, although it's still strange. It would either mean "It's in July", in which case it would be much more common to say "Je to v červenci," or in the 7th month of some previously specified longer period, for instance of a year-long training program or something.


You could imagine a shell game with crescents. Then Kde je kulička? Je v sedmém měsíci. would be It is in the seventh crescent.

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