"I think that your grandparents are visiting you today."

Translation:Yo creo que tus abuelos te visitan hoy.

6 months ago


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is visitar always used with direct object? ejemplo: creo que sus padres lo visitan hoy (not le visitan).

6 months ago


I kept on getting the formal version wrong. The tú version of this sentence is easier. I used the 'le visitan' thinking that 'le' was the correct object pronoun. Turns out that is an indirect object pronoun, I think. The formal version of this sentence according to DL should be:

« Creo que sus abuelos lo visitan hoy »

4 months ago


I'm struggling with the formal version as well!

5 days ago


I put, "Yo creo que te visitan tus abuelos hoy" and it was deemed wrong by DL. Could someone please explain why ? Thanks

1 month ago
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