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Completing the three

Should I complete the three and then i start from the beginning till i make all gold or should i take one by one to make it gold?

May 6, 2018



In my opinion, it is best to take all the skills to level 1 first. In this way, you get an overview, and after that you can learn more if you like. Sometimes, when I don't feel like working on a new skill, I will do a little on a skill that already is at level 1, so some of my skills are already at level 2 or 3. But basically, I move through the tree at level 1.

Taking each skill to level 5 before starting a new skill can be extremely boring, and I think it is better to be exposed to the individual lessons of each skill over a course of time, not all at once. This will help you connect all the skills and develop them together.

This is at least my approach in learning Norwegian.


Thanks! I was thinking at that too.


My approach has been to get to level 2 in all lessons. Higher in those that have very few 'modules' or whatever it is called per lessons, i.e. those that you level up quicker. I've nearly completed the three that way now, and when I'm done, I plan to go back and get all the skills to level 3, while carefully reading all the lessons tips as I go along.

I do the lessons on the app, and with this approach it seems like I'll hit level 25 going through the second time. I don't know if there's much point in spending more time with it then, provided I know all the grammar and vocab, as I should at that point.

Just my way of doing it. I think only getting to level 1 before moving on will be too rushed.


What I do is just leveling all the skills up to lvl 5 after each one it might sound boring but learning a language takes commitment so boredom shouldn't be much of a problem its all for the sake of learning


Sure, but repeating things you know well over and over, can be a serious waste of time too. Better to move on when it starts to stick, and then review after a while. Spaced repetition.

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I agree with Heike, take all skills to 1 first.

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