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"Women should decide for themselves."

Translation:Frauen sollen selbst entscheiden.

March 24, 2013



The "correct solutions" are:

Frauen sollen für sich selber entscheiden.

Frauen sollen selbst entscheiden.

Are "selber" and "selbst" different in any way? Is "Frauen sollen sich selber entscheiden" incorrect? Why?


I would like to know this as well. I have been using them interchangeably in conversation, but I should probably stop doing that.


Holy cats, I can understand Der Spiegel's grammar column. I feel all clairvoyant or something.

They're pretty much interchangeable; "Selber" is a little more informal, but fine in spoken language; selbst is better for writing.



Not sure but 'selber' is declared to be a 'demonstrative pronoun', whatever that means. It looks like 'selbst' is used in all cases.


I put "Frauen sollen für sich entscheiden" and it was accepted. Now the question is: Is this actually an acceptable translation in German or did I just fulfill the requirements of the Duo program?


That is ALWAYS my doubt!


I think selber is more of a regional form of Selbst. So both are interchangeable. As far as I know at least


I need help with "entscheiden." In the comments of another question, someone said that "entscheiden" is reflexive which is why you need the "uns" in the sentence, "Meine Freunde und ich konnten uns nicht entscheiden" (My friends and I could not decide). Why isn't "sie" or "ihnen" or anything like that needed in the sentence, "Frauen sollen selbst entscheiden?"


"Frauen sollten selbst entscheiden" is also accepted as correct. There is a difference (Indikativ vs. Konjunktiv), but it seems too subtle for both Duo and Google Translate.


are you saying that selber is Indikativ, selbst is Konjunktiv?


No, the difference is with "sollen" vrs. "sollten".

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