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"Wir möchten die heilige Kartoffel sehen!"

Translation:We want to see the holy potato!

May 6, 2018



Surprised to see this in the German Duolingo lesson. It would make more sense in the Spanish lesson, confusing the Pope/(Holy) Father (el Papá) with the potato (la papa) - it's an understandable error to assume papa as feminine and (if you also forget the accent mark over the 2nd 'a') basically turn "the Father" (i.e., the holy Father, or the pope) into "the potato". I saw a picture of this on a t-shirt many years ago - so, yes, someone has made this mistake, although maybe it was an intentional error to be funny. I can't help but think whoever wrote this in Duolingo was making a joking reference to this, and NOT some ridicule of religion, as someone suggested.

Queremos ver el Papá - We want to see the pope.

Queremos ver la papa - We want to see the potato.


Queremos ver la papa - We want to see the potato. Queremos ver al papa - We want to see the pope. Queremos ver al papá - We want to see the father.

The word for pope in spanish is written the same as the word for potato.


What's holy potato?


    A recurring theme to make Duolingo's sentences slightly more memorable!


    And why would anyone want to remember this?


    I'm glad those sentences exist!


    Sounds like a line from a Monty Python skit... "Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade."


    is this some sort of german equivalent to the flying spaghetti monster


    In another post, someone stated that eating the skin of the holy potato would give the eater instant recall of the correct gender of all German nouns. Eating the flesh will give the eater the ability fo use the correct case for all German nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Just viewing it is said to triple one's comprehension of German grammar. Apparently, the holy potato is hidden somewhere high in the swiss Alps, and no one has ever actually seen it. I sincerely hope to find it some day, as it is probably the only chance I have of ever getting German grammar completely correct.

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