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"Hast du schon mal eine Giraffe gesehen?"

Translation:Have you ever seen a giraffe?

May 6, 2018



is schon mal always used together for ever?


Pretty much. It can have other uses, too.


Not a native speaker, but I'd say "Hast du je eine Girffe gesehen?" The Duolingo sentence seems to mesn "Have you seen a giraffe yet?"


"yet" would have just schon.

With the schon mal, it means something like "before" or, as here, "ever".

Hast du je(mals) eine Giraffe gesehen? is also possible -- I would prefer jemals to je here, personally.


I wrote "have you already seen a giraffe?" and for once my question is: should it be not accepted? Because it's not the same as have you ever


"Have you seen a giraffe already?" seems like an equivalent translation to me, no?


"Have you ever seen a giraffe?" is asking if you have seen a giraffe any time in your life.

"Have you seen a giraffe already?" is asking if you have seen a giraffe as part of something happening today, such as 'this trip to the zoo', or 'this movie'.


"Have you once seen a giraffe"?

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