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"Dieses Lehrbuch habe ich noch nie gesehen!"

Translation:I have never seen this textbook before!

May 7, 2018



Why couldn't it also be "I have never before seen this textbook"? The word order doesn't sound wrong to my American ear.


It doesn't sound great to my Australian ear, but I've added it.


Couldn't this also be translated "I have still never seen this textbook"?


Why not? This looks like the most accurate word for word translation that carries the same meaning.


It does not carry the same meaning; noch nie is “not ... ever” or “never” in combination with the present or past perfect, and translating it with “still” is not appropriate in my opinion. (In fact, “I have still never seen the textbook” simply sounds wrong to me in English.)


Person 1: "Last time I talked to you, you said you had never seen that textbook. Have you gotten a chance to see it yet?" Person 2: "No! I have still never seen that textbook!"

How would you convey "I have still never seen that textbook" in the context of the second person's speech (in the example above)?


the combination of "still" and never" sounds a bit strange to me, although I understand your example. Nevertheless I would phrase it "No! I have still not seen that textbook" and in German "Ich habe das Lehrbuch immer noch nicht gesehen".


You would probably say something like 'I still haven't seen that book yet' instead. Using 'still' and 'never' together sounds a bit odd to me.


How would it be translated if never was replaced by not? 'I have NOT seen this textbook before'


Dieses Lehrbuch habe ich noch NICHT gesehen.


Thank you. Noch nicht = Not.
Noch nie = Never


Nearly: noch nicht = not yet (or as in your sentence: not before).

ich habe es noch nicht gesehen = I haven't seen it yet.


Ah, subtle but important thank you.


Why not I never saw this textbook before?


Why does Duolingo not accept "I haven't seen this textbook yet."?


That would be noch nicht gesehen rather than noch nie gesehen -- the emphasis of "never" is missing when you merely use "not".


Opposite of noch nie is schon mal, right?

Hast du dieses Lehrbuch schon (ein)mal gesehen?

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