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Tenses of Spanish

Excuse me, can anyone tell me how many tenses are there in Spanish and what is the first tense that I need to study! Gracias!

May 7, 2018



Here is the first tense you should learn, which is (of course) the present tense: https://www.enforex.com/language/present-tense.html

Here is a picture of a table of all the verb tenses for 'hablar' as an example: https://www.spanish.cl/verb/hablar.htm


This article is very helpful. Why Learning Spanish Verb Conjugations is So Important and Which Ones First? http://howlearnspanish.com/2015/03/learn-spanish-verb-conjugations/


There are many. Duolingo teaches all of the ones used in modern Spanish except Subjunctive Perfect.


The first tense you should study is the present indicative. Why? It is the tense we use the majority of the time, no matter the language. For example, look at all the text I put here. It is all present tense.

I think Spanish has seven simple tenses and seven complex tenses; 14 tenses in total.

What is present indicative?


I go We go You go He goes They go


yo voy nosotros vamos tú vas vosotros vais él/usted va ellos/ustedes van

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