Life after crowns?

I've been using Duolingo since back when they had crowd translations in the app! So many changes occured since then. Each time after initial discomfort I found that I liked the new idea.

Except this time. I am a paid member and I keep waiting for something to happen . I open the Duolingo app every few days and try to do something. I stare at the screen and I can't decide what to do. Practice? I understand that doesn't matter. New level? Repeat an old level? Nothing sounds good because I used to have a language learning system and a set of routinestge new ones are not coming together. My clubs are no empty - people gone! Sitting at 0 in place of bustling activity that I was used to.

Over this time I saw numerous statements from Duolingo saying they care and are working to improve the app and a sense of excitement it used to generate.

My question is, have they done anything? Have there been any releases at all? Have they released any before and after statistics? Are people still using the app? Or is my club's emptiness an indication that everyone is looking for a new relationship?

As an attempt to put it back together I have reset progress completely and starting over with a placement test. Perhaps this will help me treat Duolingo as just a new app.

If you were similarly detailed by the unwelcome.change, what have you done?

May 7, 2018


I had a similar feeling after the change for crowns ... what I am doing is taking two or three lessons a day, for each language I had the full tree, till I get all crowns. Imho there is a big flaw there because you cannot take the test to skip the lame lessons (it's damn boring to write "io sono una donna" 1000 times, to get 5 crowns for a lesson). They say, you shouldn't take it like that. Then what? Why creating the crown system then?

May 7, 2018

Fundamentally, what Duolingo fails to understand is that language learning is all about habits. They trained us, we built habits around what they wanted - then they yanked the habit infrastructure from under us. "Here is a new system. It is not conducive to habit forming, but oh well - you till get to learn stuff." And that last part is true in spades. I have gone and looked at every other language app out there - none compare.

I am tempted to build one... I own a software company... and I have ideas... and... I don't have any time! lol. I just want to keep learning languages, effortlessly, as duolingo makes it seem possible... or did. Damn!

May 7, 2018

You speak from my heart.

May 8, 2018

Yeah, I noticed that people were joining my clubs as they were reading my club description and they liked the club name, haha. But now, people are 'auto-joined' to a club, you don't get to choose anymore (a system I hate because you end up with people who have different goals on DuoLingo).

It's still a great app for me to practice my Norwegian vocab yet, despite the crowns and practice page changing. I don't really mind that part. I remove inactive members from my club on Sundays though but no one has joined my Russian club in over a month (and before the change, the club would become full within 48 hours). Ah, well... You take what you can get.

May 7, 2018

I understand exactly how you feel. I've been on Duolingo several years now. While the basic concept thankfully remains intact, I miss the interaction with other members who have greatly helped me.. Returning my trees to gold has become tedious and I now spend much more time in Discussion. I feel at least I can give back some of what was given to me.

May 7, 2018
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