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Use of 'ich' before or after a word

hey guys,

just been wondering the use of 'ich' before or after a word. for example i sometimes see, 'ich glaube' = i believe, and then other times 'glaube ich' also meaning i believe. i also see 'ich trinke' and trinke ich' both meaning i drink but 'ich' is placed in different positions. there are countless times when i see this with other words aswell. is this an interchangable thing with 'ich' or is there a rule for this.


May 7, 2018



The verb goes in the SECOND position.

Ich glaube an dich. (I believe in you.)

So glaube ich. (Thus I believe.)

Heute glaube ich an dich. (Today I believe in you.)

An dich glaube ich. (In you I believe.) Yoda-style.


Hi Sam, in main clauses the conjugated verb comes second in word order. However, in subclauses the conjugated verb will come last.

"Ich" is the subject form and comes either before the congugated verb or behind it depending on other issues.

Ich gebe meinem Sohn ein Buch am Montag.

Now, let's change the word order:

Am Montag gebe ich meinem Sohn ein Buch.

Meinem Sohn gebe ich am Montag ein Buch.

Ich = subject

gebe = verb

These are examples for main clauses. If you use subclauses there are small differences to look out for.

Ich bin gücklich, dass ich wieder zu Hause bin.

The first part is a main clause and the conjugation "dass" introduces the subclause. Here the conjugated verb is "bin". And the subject "ich" comes after the conjugation.

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