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Using the German Word "Sehr"

Hello everybody,

I'm just checking:

  • "Sehr" means 'very'.
  • "Sehr" can be used in all genders, circumstances and cases.
  • "Sehr" can be used in the positive and the negative.

I'm pretty sure I'm right in all of these assertions, but I'm just checking.

Thank you! AP4418

May 7, 2018



yes absolutely correct..!!


In this video, there is a segment on how to distinguish between 'sehr' and 'viel': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqQQuyTUlMo

Mixing those two up is a common beginner's mistake. That part starts on 3.13, but I recommend you watch the whole video.


Thank you so much, I wrote the part down where she spoke about "sehr"and "viel"! Vielen dank!


"sehr" can also mean "very much" as in "Das hat mir sehr geholfen."-"That helped me very much."

But not always: "That is very much sand."-"Das ist sehr viel Sand."

"sehr" is an adverb. It usually refers to an adjective (like "viel" in the 2nd example), but it can also refer to a verb (like "helfen" in the 1st example).


Thank you Jussel11! This is a great explaination! I've learned so much on these disscussions and then I into practice in the lessons on Duo.. Thank you!

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