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The Wolverine Den FAQ - How we work!

Hello everyone,

This is the Wolverine Den FAQ.

The Den FAQ

What is this?

This is a group of people who help, support and encourage each other with the language(s) we are and you are learning.

How does this work?

We set ourselves goals, make dedications and hopes, help and encourage each other, and try our best to make the Den a fun and happy place.

What is a dedication?

A dedication works like this: You choose a goal that you want to reach (we normally make XP goals, but it's optional), and dedicate the results to a person or persons in or outside of the Den (or Duolingo!).

What is a hope?

We have "Hopes" too! They are optional, like everything else, and the way they work is you literally just say something along the lines of "My hope is that..."

What is a huggle?

You give someone a huggle. A huggle consists of a wish, a complement, an encouragement...anything you want to give a person.

It can be anyone!

How do I join?

Just comment and say that you'd like to join! We'd looove to have you!

Can I set a goal for myself even if I don't want to join?

Of course! We'd love to help and encourage you. (Just specify in the comments whether you're joining or not.)

Is this a competition?

Nope! If you want to compete with someone, please do this on your own terms (preferably outside the Den). :)

May I ask for help about a language without dedicating or joining?

Of course! This is what the Den is meant for!


  1. Please do not chat here. We have a Discord server for that!
    If you want to join the Discord server, just ask us on our latest Den post, and one of our folks will help you in! (Of course you should first join the Den before you will be admitted to the server.)

  2. Link to the latest Wolverine Den post!

Here is a Discord FAQ put together by one of our Wolverines!

Discord FAQ

What is Discord?

It's a chatroom app, designed for gamers, but most people will use it for studying and other cool stuff.

Is Discord safe?

To join the Den's Discord server, you need to have a code to enter it. Another safety factor is that Kay, Stuart or myself have to manually approve your user before you can start chatting with other Wolverines!

BTW all old codes are disabled, and a new code is made for each week!

How do I get approved on that server?

You have to send us a screenshot showing yourself logged into your Duolingo account.

Do I have to join the Discord server?

No, of course not! Lots of people have very protective parents, and might not be able to join until they're much older (as in middle-school older), so you don't have to join!

Am I still welcome on the Den?

Yes, of course! The Den will always and forever stay on Duolingo, so keep watching the forums!

Where do I get the code?

I'll be posting codes on the discussion board every new Den post.

What if the code says "expired"?

Just screech out "K!" and I will be there in a flash to give you a new, non-expired code!

What happens if the server is unsafe?

Discord gives people the ability to ban people off servers, so the Protectors can purge out those nasty trolls for you guys!

Is anyone unwelcome?

Well, Kay, Stuart and I have a private list of who's not allowed in the Den currently, but don't worry. I am 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure it is not anyone reading this (I mean, literally only 4 people are on that list, and they're not even part of the Den, so yeah)

What does the word "discord" mean?

Well, "discord" means chaos, but don't worry, the Discord app isn't chaotic. In fact, it's one of the safest chatroom apps out there!

Technically, if you want to know about the Den Discord server, you should be talking to either Kay, Stuart or myself, since the three of us have experience with Discord. Everyone currently has different information but you should really reply to one of Kay's comments [in the latest Den Post] to get correct information.

Other questions?

Comment on a Den post and Kay, Stuart or myself will be there!


May 7, 2018



You're super welcome, K!


Hi Jules and Birgit. Just saying: I'm changing the name of this post to use it for a Discord FAQ and such things for the Den (A club I'm part of). I'm not on this Discord group, but I'm doing this for them.

Just FYI! :D


You're not part of the Den?!?


Yes! I am! What do you mean?


You said "the Den (a club I'm not part of)"


Really? I said "A club I'm part of" ;)

I think you misread (if such a word exists) me a bit! c:


Jeez, I misread that too. I also thought it said "A club I'm not part of"

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