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Castilian Spanish

Is the Duolingo Spanish course more focused on teaching Latin America Spanish or European (Castilian, right?) Spanish??? I want to learn the language, but I want to learn Castilian form of it. If Duolingo does not have the European Spanish at all included, can anyone recommend another website that does teach it? (preferably for free) Thanks! :)

May 7, 2018



I would say it is based more on Latin America Spanish.


Latin American. The system, however, generally recognizes the pronouns and conjugations for "vosotros" and regionally-appropriate vocbulary for Spain.


Okay, thanks! That's really helpful! :)


I have never heard emparedado before. Is that really how they say sandwich in Mexico? or Spain? or where?


There is really not that much of a difference between the Spanish in Spain and Latin America countries, as taught in Duolingo, or the schools in most of these countries. If you like the Duolingo game-like method for learning/practicing, I still would think it would be worth your while to use it, whether you are interested in the Spanish of Spain or Mexico or other variations. Duolingo is just one method for learning that tries to make learning fun and engaging. To become fluen, you'll still need to complement your learning with other methods and stays in these countries, at which time, your accent/expressions will rather automatically adjust to what you hear.


i think it has improved a lot and now has more castilian spanish in it than it used to have.


Probably before it was awfully Lat.Am., I don't know, but now it's definitely not Castilian at all. Carro for car, no th sound for s/z, no vosotros for you (pl.) etc.

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