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  5. "'IH vetlhmey, qar'a'?"

"'IH vetlhmey, qar'a'?"

Translation:Cockroaches are beautiful, aren't they?

May 7, 2018



A vetlh is probably a Klingon creature that only resembles a cockroach. Maybe they're beautiful. Or maybe Klingons think they're beautiful.

There's a scene in Conversational Klingon where a Klingon and a Terran tourist are on a jitney, passing a power station. The Klingon says HoS lIngwI' wIjuS. 'IH, qar'a'? We're passing a power generator. It's beautiful, isn't it?


Haha, fair point! Either way, it's amusing!


Indeed there are plenty of beautiful cockroach species. For example, Polyzosteria mitchelli. I'd sooner pet a cockroach than a disgusting tribble...

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