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  5. "'eyqu' qagh qar'a'?"

"'eyqu' qagh qar'a'?"

Translation:Gagh is really tasty, isn't it?

May 7, 2018



One of the options from the word bank let me write "Gagh is pretty tasty, isn't it?" In retrospect, I realize that 'really' probably fits better than 'pretty' and that the 'pretty' in the word bank probably refers to the word 'IH but at least to me and my dialect of English, 'Gagh is really tasty, isn't it?' and 'Gagh is pretty tasty, isn't it?' basically mean the same exact thing. Just something to consider, I guess?


I remember seeing that, but I forget if it accepted it. Did it? Colloquially, it should.


No, it did not accept it, unfortunately.


I've added it in to the acceptable translations now.

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