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Dislikes on Duolingo

When you translate a sentence and are told you are wrong....then later the same sentence comes up and you translate it the way you were told was “correct”, and then you get your original answer back as ANOTHER CORRECT ANSWER! What’s up with that?! And you have lost some of your health even though it was right all along. FIX THIS PLEASE!

May 7, 2018



Could you please provide a concrete example of what you mean? Without any further indications, I would guess that something in your reply was different from the reply given by Duolingo; a case ending, an article, a conjugation, something.

Duolingo can fix only problems that have been stated specifically. So: What was the sentence? What was your solution?

If you can post that, we can see more clearly what happened.


The sentence was something like... Die nudeln kommt aus italien My answer was The pasta comes from Italy. The “correct” answer was The noodles come from Italy. I typed in this answer later and was correct, but was also told that “another correct answer is what I had originally put as the answer. This happens quite often!


The correct German sentence is: "Die Nudeln kommen aus Italien."

(I know that this does not address your problem, but I think as a learner of German, you might be interested in seeing the correct sentence.)

In the case you describe, you should press the "Report" button after receiving the message that your sentence was not correct. Here, you can select "My answer should have been accepted" (or similar).

Then the contributors will check whether your reply was really correct, and if it is, then they will add it to the database for future cases.


I did report my answer as correct, which it was since I was told it was a correct answer later in the same lesson. However, the program still deducts health from your bank!


I don't have the "Health" system, and I don't think I'd like it (being a little hypochondriac, the phrase "lose health" sounds very unhealthy to me ...).

I'd suggest using the web version of Duolingo. This should not include "Health" issues. After a report, the incorporation of the solution may take some time. I got replies saying "We've included your suggestion" after some weeks. I can understand this because the contributors are volunteers doing this in their spare time. But this is something to be taken into account.


For what it is worth, "reporting" does work. I only do this when I am absolutely sure there is a programming error. It takes a while, but eventually they seem to get back to me to say my answer was incorporated. (Note: i still had to memorize the Duo answer to get out of the unit.)

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