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This new system has ruined what I used to love.

After the last couple of weeks... I siimply cannot advance in my learning because of the "FORCED FEED" learning curve we have to endure now. You cannot expect someone to advance in learning if they cannot repeat a lesson to learn "CORRECTLY" instead of moving on and piling on more things while they still are struggling with the basics. I have not advanced at all and now it has become more of a daily struggle to learn than fun like it was before.

I personally am ready to quit something I loved because I get so frustrated over simple things I would like to learn.... but the tools are now gone for doing that. PLEASE put back the old system because at least then... I was learning!!!

May 7, 2018



Duo, PLEASE listen to your users' complaints!


The crown system sure has completely removed my motivation to improve. I still come here every day and get my points... but now I have to decide what lessons to repeat. Before when the lesson was not gold I knew I needed to work on it.. Now it is just too easy to avoid hard lessons and just repeat the easier ones. I was very close to reaching level 25 on my sixth tree (only a couple thousand points away) and I have not even been back to that tree since the crown system was put in. I just don't have the motivation anymore.


There is still a way to use the old system of showing which lessons need refreshed. Use the following link and replace the "username" with your DL username.


Thank you. I do find this helpful. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to redo simple levels on which I have previously achieved 100%. It seems Duo has brainwashed me into keeping the circles 'golden' at whatever cost!


While I generally do not encourage addictive behavior, and at some point in time, keeping the circles golden becomes pointless, the concept is actually based on a scientific learning method called "Spaced Repetition".

This why I personally am upset about the new system, especially since it would actually be (as duome.eu has shown) pretty easy to have both systems running together.


I had the weird experience of starting under the old system as a refresher for a trip to Panama. I determined to finish the course when I got home but then found the new crowns. I'm still determined to finish the tree but I don't see myself getting every node to level 5 or whatever. So I'll finish the tree and then look for another learning resource.


The updated hasn't really added anything, it has just taken away. We could have practiced the first lessons on slow 200 hundred times before. I was using timed practice as a way to learn fast but now Duolingo doesn't let me do that like before. There were already plenty of other things on the site that needed work.

Unfortunately I don't think they will do a thing about it as soon the original users will move on and will be replaced by people who do not know the original system


How in the world have you done that many languages...That's just insane. And be honest, can you actually decently speak those languages you have that are level 25??? I am forced to do this for school, and it's kinda a chore at this point, but you make it look like something you enjoy, and that is just befuddling to me.


Really? It let’s me do timed practice just like before.


You can do timed practice if you use the practice button - but it doesn't add to your points score :-(


For me I just get the same lessons over and over doing that, it was better when we were able to choose which lessons to practice. If I felt weak somewhere I could easily review it in two minutes. It's much more work reviewing now.


Just in case you have stopped using it, I thought I would reply. I abandoned Duo for several months because of the changes after the Crowns turned up - but many of the old features are now restored with the addition of new words and structures. It is genuinely better than it was, and much much better than the initial change to crowns. I am greatly enjoying it again. (Needless to say, timed practise is back.)


Duolingo has tried a lot of different things over the years. Some better than others. I'm still undecided on the current structure. Hang in there and keep plugging away.


That is exactly my view on Duo right now. There are so many flaws in the system, it’s ridiculous!


I think if you hit the practice icon, it will always bring up one needing refreshing. Mine does.

I do 3 sets each day. 1 new one, 1 practice icon one, and 1 of the lowest crowns (in order from oldest to new) to keep moving towards leveling up.

I’m pretty sure old words are still there and being practiced.


That is also the way I do it but I am unsure whether it really is the same as before the crown system. I feel like it does not give me as much of the difficult lessons to repeat as it used to.


I agree, unfortunately the latest changes are not making this awesome language learning tool better, don't get me wrong I appreciate the effort from the DL team , developers and whatnot but I loved the way DL used to be but I guess that's the price of "improvements" I miss the old good DL


I'll add that just add that the "gamification" was what originally addicted me. I would never have gotten addicted under the new model.

I understand why DL got rid of the "fluency" rating but the sense of simple steady progress was important I would have just renamed it to something else. Something like the crown-level system could still have been done with something like a separate "white-belt", "yellow-belt" "black-belt" per skill progression.


I know how you feel. They are trying our this new "crowns" system right now, but if they don't get rid of it, they should at least give us the choice of what style we would like to study with.


Agreed, I miss the "memory meter" to freshen up areas that need it.


I totally agree - I used to absolutely love DL and recommended it to everyone. Unfortunately what used to work brilliantly has been totally ruined in my view. There is no motivation anymore. I still do it and enjoy it, but not as much as before and don’t find it as effective.

The only good thing about the new system was the stories, but there is a glitch half way through part 2 of 3 in one story, which just stops there every time I try to do it, and since I can’t complete it, I can’t progress to the next block of stories. Infuriating!! Has anyone else found this?


The people at Duolingo do not care what anyone thinks, they don’t respond to feedback. They have forced this horrible new system on us and have made no comment to the backlash. You can use duome.eu/username/progress to mimic the old system. They algorithms still exist for the old system, so the people here at DUOLINGO could easily give people the choice to do either crowns or the old system. This update is mind blowing.


I find it’s making me more motivated.


Same - more motivated. I wasn't making any progress in French, because I had to go back and keep refreshing basic lessons like "the cat is white." So lessons on conditional just sat there, unused. I felt like I was spinning the same ten plates over and over. Due to that and some phone issues, I'd pretty much given up on Duolingo.

The crown system is so much better. I can move on to more advanced lessons without worrying about keeping all the old lessons gold. Once I go through all the level 1 lessons, I can review by starting at the beginning with level 2. Or use the "strengthen" button.

I guess for people who liked/needed more repetition, the old system was better. But I'm so glad to be rid of the need to constantly review "the cat is white."


I loved that the app kept track of which words I knew well and which ones I needed to review. Now, the learner has to determine what to study. If that's the case, Duolingo doesn't have much to offer than sheer translation based exercises, which are not difficult to come across. Unless you really want to learn Guaraní or High Valyrian on an app, Duolingo has updated its own edge away.


I tried the crowns for two weeks, and what happened when I signed on I would just gravitate toward one thing or another, while other skills become very weak. Of course, I’m not going to choose to delve in the Italian subjunctive, but I did when it meant keeping the tree gold.


It feels so useless now.


I am beginning to feel the same way. The new system is making the learning process seem like more of a grind and chore than the fun experience it was before. On the old system I could add new words at my own pace. With the new system, you get everything piled on at once, and get to stay frustrated until you gain familiarity with the individual words.


I don't like the crown system AT ALL. Period.


Please put us back in the old system


Please don't. Duo is actually useful to me again after a year and a half. I am sure there is a way to address some of these concerns without throwing away the mind-blowing amount of new material. People have been asking for more advanced material for years now. We finally have it, and for us advanced learners, it is a godsend.


The new material is great - but i'm not so sure about the excessive repetition. It would be good if you could test out of an exercise when you feel ready.


Some of the new material is in alpha right now- you might not see it. But some of it is in the higher crown levels. There is a lot more tense practice, and a lot of phrasing that is useful and wasn't in the product before. Additionally, I have about 150 to 200 new words that I have added to my words list since the changes.


I haven't really noticed any new material, yet. In the Spanish tree, food is still just meat, fish, chicken, rice, sauce, milk, water, juice, beer, wine. Animals is still bear, pig, penguin, bull, dog, cat, mouse.

I haven't gotten back up to the difficult conjugations yet, but so far I haven't noticed anything new.


I was about to create new topic exactly like that.

I am doing the Spanish "Present 3" chapter right now and it forces on me to learn a lot of new stuff without the option to repeat it or see the new verbs I just learned (WTF). I feel like I now spend more time with Duolingo than before but it doesn't really improve my skills.


I didn't like the new system at first, as I was pretty near to a full golden tree. However, I will say the recent minor change of making all the level threes red, level twos green, level ones blue, has made it easier for me to visualize where i'm at, sort of like having them be gold in the old version. At least it helped me enjoy it more. It's funny how those little changes can affect the psyche


I strongly dislike this system. I used to enjoy using Duolingo to learn Spanish and German, and practiced in my spare time to improve my vocabulary and fluency. Now it has become more like a chore, with a new system that I do not understand at all (the Crowns). I feel like I have gone seven steps back. I am looking into Babbel and other language resources, because honestly, Duolingo is not for me anymore. But for the people that it does now work for, that's great!


So in a nutshell, everyone's just upset because they have to do more to have golden trees?


I love the new system.


I didn't like the new system at first because I had finished the tree and felt I now had to start over on many things. But as a professional musician, I realize how important it is to review basics and now feel I am solidifying my learning.


Cool, its fun to read different perspectives in this thread. I also finished the previous tree format, and oppositely was excited about the new system since using the previous tree was reduced to only refreshing.

Maybe this new tree is just longer-form refreshing but I can't tell yet.


What exactly do you like about it compared to the old one?


I like that it adds more "replay-ability" my OCD nature needs to finish the crowns leveling and it takes a whole lot more practice than it did before to make the levels gold. This can definitely be a good or bad thing depending on the person though so I definitely think there should be a choice of which format to use. The main thing I don't like about the new system is that the practice and timed practice don't level up the crowns. I would love it if the timed practice picked a random crown to level up then I could just replay timed practice over and over again.


Yes, that would make it way better. I did like random practice, but it feels like it's "not getting you anything" now so I don't do it anymore.


I agree about the timed practice.


You can use the practice button: it assembles a list of words you are having problems with and haves you do those words.


Use the practice button. It let’s you practice words you’re not quite sure about.


Oops... I missed my comment and posted another ‘cause I thought it didn’t post...


You can delete your own comment if that happens.


I am really enjoying the new system. I feel more motivated to learn and to review what I know. Thank you, Duolingo!


in just first level , Spanish basic i am just in level in in 4 or 9 or else so please tell me what is it.


Some of the lessons have changed!!! I am re-learning what I had mastery of before the update! Also now I have to go over a lesson 8 times just to get one crown, whereas before I could just choose which part of the lesson I wanted to review! Does anyone have any idea whether Duo can take back the update?


Does anyone know of a "Discussion" forum for language learners outside of Duolingo? I LOVE the Duolingo discussion groups. But, Duolingo removed them over a year ago. For some reason, they popped back up tonight, but I expect they'll be gone again tomorrow. I have really missed reading other people's ideas for learning their target languages. I appreciate the insights others share. I learn so much from these posts. If this is just a glitch, and Duolingo removes the Discussion groups tomorrow, where do others go for this type of focussed discussion? Duolingo discussion keeps me motivated, encourages and challenges me, allows me to note my progress or lack thereof, and connects me with others around the world. What other such resources do any of you know about?


I abandoned Duo for several months because of the changes after the Crowns turned up - but many of the old features are now restored with the addition of new words and structures. It is genuinely better than it was, and much much better than the initial change to crowns. I am greatly enjoying it again.


I have pretty much gotten used to the new system.. but the biggest thing that I miss is the fact that the skills do not degrade over time like they did in the old tree system. When the skill would degrade it was an incentive to make it gold again and to keep practicing. Now I have to force myself to keep practicing and try to keep all the skills sharp.

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