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Preposition Question: (at) ansøge + til eller om?

I got two sentences for translation that contained the verb "(at) ansøge", in one case the correct solution asked for "om" as the following preposition, in the other case it was "til". Can somebody explain the difference? Is there even one? The sentences were the following:

"Nobody wants to apply for that job." (Ingen vil ansøge til det job.)

"She decided to apply for the job in the zoo." (Hun besluttede at ansøge om jobbet i den zoologiske have.)

May 7, 2018



"ansøge om" = "apply for"

"ansøge til" = "apply to" (meaning "send an application to")

To me though, "ansøge til" sounds unnatural, and I'd always use "sende en ansøgning til" (=send an application to) instead.

The correct translation of "Nobody wants to apply for that job" is therefore "Ingen vil ansøge om det job" or simply "Ingen vil søge det job".


Tak. The next time I stumble across this exercise I'm going to report it.


Usually, you do not use "ansøge" as a verb, you just use "søge" - jeg søger et job. However, as a substantive, "en ansøgning", it is very common: "Jeg sender en ansøgning (om et job) til et firma".


i have the exact same question about those examples and several others for which the reasons for using om or til do not seem clear. The grammatical light bulbs do not have the answer. I too would appreciate some clarification.


The first answer in the thread is correct. If you want to say: "I will apply for that job" the correct translation i: "Jeg vil ansøge om det job"

Coming from a native speaker.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask :)

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