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Suggestion: Add day time


This is just a suggestion to Duolingo. It's really simple and it involves allowing people to set which time they want for a new day. This can be really handy for people who don't have normal sleep patterns. I recently (today) lost my streak, but I remembered just past midnight.

And for those of you thinking of cheating, this could be made not possible by only being able to set the reset time once, or if it comes into action the next day or so.

With regards Vegard B.

April 23, 2014



Instead of only changing the time once, maybe you need to wait 48 hours to change it.


If your streak is so important to you then it may be easier to set your alarm clock at a time when it is convenient for you to practice.


I would like the day to reset at something like 4am. I go to bed around midnight and I do duolingo in bed before I go to sleep. I have also lost my streak quite a few times because I started at 11:55 and didn't finish before midnight. Or I started at 12:10.

Lots of people are still up at midnight. It makes sense for the new day to reset while people are asleep, not midnight on the dot.

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