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Streak numbers different on different platforms

I have a 166 day streak on my laptop/desktop and iphone, but only about 36 or so on my kindle (android). Can I synch them to the 166?

April 23, 2014



Try looking at your profile on your Kindle and see if that number matches up.
What you are seeing on the Kindle is probably your 'language streak' and what you are seeing on the other platforms is your 'overall streak'.
If I had to guess, 36 days ago you either used a streak freeze or didn't practice your primary language (but did practice your secondary language).


I had a problem about a month ago, involving a streak freeze that didn't kick in when I changed time zones, so they restored my original streak, but evidently it didn't propagate to all platforms. I do duo on mac, windows and android. But not at the same time!

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