You've probably encountered enough of these stupid posts in your lifetime, but here's another one because whenever I watch video's the comment sections make me question everything! :,) Anyways prepare your eyes for horror cause I doubt everything so this is gonna be very cringey.

Basically, I want to learn Spanish for the sole purpose of Spain,and since I'm amazed by this wonderful country i sometimes watch videos on it, but when i was scrolling through the comments, I saw some pretty doubtful things. Now i know they're just comments probably made by people staring at a computer screen with no life, but I tend to overthink everything and i'm quite doubtful.

Anyways, taking away all other Spanish speaking countries and focusing only on Spain, Is it true that Spanish people hate Spain? And that it's a bad place in regards to living? is life there really that bad,if i move there and have a good job will I still live a bad life?

Sorry if the questions sound like something a 5 year old would ask! Again these are things i saw people preaching against Spain and while I know I shouldn't care about this stuff, I just feel that if someone answered me I would feel much more at ease.

May 7, 2018


It is matter of point of reference. Spain, as any normal country (not in war, in extreme poverty or extreme problems), has good and bad things. I'm from a Latin American country, so I look at Spain as a developed country, with strong institutions and an excellent standard of living. However, if you are from Canada, Norway or another developed country maybe you could think that Spain is just OK or even before your expectations. About complains, we (in all Spanish speaking countries) have sayings similar to "Quejarse del paĆ­s es un deporte national" (Our national sport is complaining about our country). They aren't lies but it is not all the truth.

What do you want to know exactly?

Basically, I just want to know If Living in Spain is like living in France or England or some other country like that, or is it horrible? :,) again sorry if this sounds close minded I'm just confused and worried in a way?

(From Internet and Spaniards I've met) It is not horrible, it is very safe (more than France or England, less than Norway), beautiful and people is mostly warmer and kind than in other countries, There are issues too: unemployment, especially among young people, and corruption scandals. Where are you from?

Oh i'm from America, but I've been in love with Spain for a while now. I just watched this video on spain and the comments were really negitive and i dont really think that its that bad of a country but im doubting it. In simpler terms, is it the same as any other European country?

Yes, it is the same in simple terms. Far safer than the United States, lower income (if you are very good in your field), higher quality in public services, the normality in Western Europe.

I would not worry about the bad press or negative online comments about Spain. Like you said, probably people venting their frustration. The political discourse has been becoming increasingly venomous, but that seems rather like a global phenomena. People in Spain and the rest of Europe have also been hearing negative comments about the USA after the last presidential election and they are probably also getting the feeling that 1/2 of Americans hate the other 1/2, but that does not mean it is a bad idea for them to come to Disneyworld. There are real problems in Spain, mainly high unemployment, but quality of life is not bad and people in general are quite open and welcoming to foreigners, in particular because it is one part of the economy that has been providing needed jobs is tourism. I think Spain is quite a good place to live or visit, although not such a good place to work due to the lack of jobs.

Many people there dislike the politicians and the government in fact, not the country and its culture (depending on which cultural feature we are talking about) themselves. The Popular Party is the major party there. It is in favor of the Bullfighting, against many LGBT rights and other political positions that are controversial nowadays. It is also involved in many corruption cases.

Some nationalities within Spanish state want independence due to political, cultural and linguistic motivations, mainly Catalonia, but independentism is also strong in Basque Country and Galicia and in a lesser degree in Valencia and Balear Islands. In these places other languages (Catalan, Occitan, Basque and Galician) are traditionally spoken, but as Spanish (spoken originally only in Castilla) became the official language of the state, all the other regions and kingdoms associated with the Kingdom of Castilla and Leon started to replace their language with Spanish.

Most of the independentist people don't really dislike Spain, though, but they see their own regions as distinct nations, it is like when Ireland became independent of the United Kingdom. It is not that the Irish people used to hate or still hate UK, they just didn't and don't feel British.

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